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Январь 2021

i don 't care about religion reddit

Over history, religion has been abused for power, slaughter, and chaos way more than it has done good. Protestant Christians, for instance, believe that any and all rewards are freely given to one who has faith; they are not earned, so learning some Greek can not earn you anything. Religion can cause people to suffer from delusions. Once again, Americans were shooting and plotting terrorism and they were doing it in the name of Christianity.. To those of us who have been targeted by Christian Identity folks, this isn’t all that surprising. I think, How can you not be interested in music. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Tell Me More. Losing your religion may sound like a strange idea so here are 5 reasons that I … Many American Jews have simply stopped caring about both Israel and Judaism, a point that has not escaped the notice of the American elites. Well I care about it in the sense that debates about it entertain me. You don't know what you're missing until you find it. There's no evidence a god exists. Don’t let the opinion of others stop you from doing the things that you like to do. No. I personally find it silly, there are much more amazing and horrible things to be worrying about. Enjoy Posts; Archive; 4 notes Jan 4th, 2021. I am a Christian and I just hate it when people persecute other religions. An inordinate amount of time and effort is spent being obsequious towards one's deity. and where you may or may no wind up when you die. No, once I stopped believing in religion it now looks silly to believe in it. There's a book that was recommended to me, and it is definitely Christian stilted. But would an apatheist browse r/DebateReligion? Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; 9 notes Jan 3rd, 2021. Would I get any prize from God for learning Modern Greek? All religions (specially modern ones) borrow heavily from older tales and myths. As religion wanes, are we crowdsourcing our ethics? No. Christians have such a loving trust and faith. Due to EU regulations and increased awareness of online privacy, every website must get user's permission before installing tracking cookies. Just occupy your mind everyday with something, all the big questions will disappear :). They don’t get to change course at their own leisure simply as a means to lure people back into their clutches. For example, one encyclopedia says: "Eisenhower once remarked that 'America makes no sense without a deeply held faith in God—and I don't care what it is. And I understand the beliefs of the ultra-orthodox, I’ve been very close to them all my life. Some even admire and follow many of Jesus’ teachings specifically but don’t claim membership in any particular faith community or tradition. If “bullying” tactics don’t work in convincing you that you should be religious, don’t expect the reverse to work with others. i respect that some people do believe in their 'God' but i honestly couldn't care any less, I'm not an Atheist because I'm not ruling out that there isn't any god I'm just saying if there is a higher power that's great but if there isn't does it make a difference? I also pay absolutely no respect to religion. My care level for religion right now is the same as if it never existed. Now, politics may be like a religion to many people, but talking politics reigns, as radio and Saturday Night Live, and outlets for our feelings–like this blog–let us spew our passions about current events to anyone with a smartphone or computer. Kurds are lives you know. Women can hear a man say he doesn’t care. Similarly you should assume God doesn't exist to begin with, and then if you think there's significant evidence, your … After a few meandering spiritual wilderness years I attended a Christian seminary, became a Christian pastor, and have served in Christian churches for most of the past twenty-five years of my life. It has becoming increasingly popular for Christians to not go to church and find alternative methods to practice their faith like prayer, meditation and personal Bible study. it is not the only way one can view reality, and religion gives a distorted view of reality. Quote: Originally Posted by Neutral. I do not care about religion because ultimately, it has had too many negative influences (genocide, scientific repression, cultural repression, basically many kinds of repression, etc) on society, which haven't been counter-balanced by its more positive effects. I really like religion, Atheism, science, theology, and philosophy, I think it is important that everybody with the right mind set have a basic understanding of all of those things which is why I really like religious/debate subs. Years ago I didn't care about religion or God either. Religion only works if it isn't imposed onto others. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Gordon shares 10 things that say “I don’t care,” and the actions you can take to reverse the perception: 1.

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