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original the ordinary alpha arbutin

I’ve explained why in detail in this post. You can use niacinamide instead of alpha arbutin either in the morning or evening. I also do a weekly scrub using a Konjac sponge and green clay mask. The Alpha Arbutin placement is correct, use it on discolourations only. I am not generally acne prone, but I occasionally get hormonal spots on my chin that often leave hyperpigmentation for 3-4 months. Laura, why are you using glycolic AND lactic acid? Cynthia, I don’t recommend vitamin C powders. I really appreciate your time and I look forward to hearing from you . The good news is, the program only takes fifteen minutes once you learn it. I have rosacea and acne very controlled from Soolantra. 4. For your information , my skin type is combination. Ezra, if you have oily, acne-prone skin stop using a AHA exfoliator and switch to salicylic acid. I have pretty dry skin with a little bit of discoloration and some tiny bumps on my face (not acne),I typically have clear, unproblematic skin other than that. Thanks! Also, I use the arbutin first on the patches, then seal it with azelaic acid and then top it off with aloe vera, would that work as well? I’m hoping you can help with my current routine. Cynthia, yes when two “incompatible” ingredients are in the same product, it’s because cosmetic chemists adjusted doses/pH etc to make them work together. Magnesium ascorbyl palmitate,for example, has an optimal ph of 7-8.5. Read more about The Ordinary and signs of ageing and other products/ingredients to use. Bad memories from my breakout days and I just hate how it feels on my face. Thank you! But, that doesn’t mean they’re useless together (there are so many great products out there that contain both). and I’m glad I’ve stumbled upon your site. I feel I walk into my esthetician office and I get the same product sale as the next woman. So when I get those, I use metrogel for a bit, but otherwise that’s not a normal part of my routine. PM Cleanse TO glycolic acid toner Alternate: TO Granactive Retinoid 2%/TO Lactic acid TO Alpha Arbutin Niacinamide What do you think? So frustrating! Looked at the SkinCeuticals serum that people rave about, but even adding up what else I use, it doesn’t come close to the sticker price of the SkinCeuticals. 5. I thought I’d recommend this since it’s made a big difference to my face. If it doesn’t give you the results you crave, switch to something more powerful. Use retinol after cleansing and then apply niacinamide. I added all that up it’s about $500. Here are the skincare ingredients you should never mix (and how you can force them to get along if you must): Want to get the most out of your skincare products? Drunk Elephant Protini Peptide Cream -if you want to switch to TO buffet + copper peptides, go for it. A combination of eight percent ascorbic acid and two percent alpha arbutin. I suppose that the alpha arbutin would be used in the AM. The best exfoliant for your skin type is salicylic acid. which order should be appropriate in my skincare regimen? I am wondering how to use retinol (the ordinary) , vitamin c ester (perricone), niacinamide + zinc and alpha arubtin. Scroll down to the fix to figure out how to make the most of them. I’ve just started reading your page and was wondering if you could help me, your advice for other people had been so insightful to skincare? Do you think they can be safely used ( on alternate nights) ? Hi, I'm Gio! If yes must I use it with a vitamin C serum? The Ordinary. In the morning, – Panoxyl Benzoyl Peroxide cleanser – COSRX snail mucin essence – vitamin C & hyaluronic acid – first aid beauty moisturizer, At night, – same cleanser – pixi glow tonic or sometimes the ordinary glycolic acid toner – same essence – (im not sure which serum to use: the ordinary azelaic acid or the ordinary lactic 5% + HA I want to reduce hyperpigmentation however I also have sensitive dry skin) – same moisturizer. I have oily and Acne prone skin. Price $8.90. So if you apply vitamin C and layer a collagen serum on top you’ll be fine. I apply this after cleansing, toning and eye cream and before moisturizer and sunscreen. SA can get inside the pores, removing all the excess oil and other impurities in the pores. I’d love to hear your thoughts:). TO salicylic acid 2%? Can I still use it after serums? In the AM, cleanse, Maelove, sunscreen. Neutrogena oil free cleanser (salycilic acid 2%) Cosrx oil free ultra moisturising lotion Klairs supple preparation facial toner Beesline ultrascreen cream spf 50 Cosrx bha blackhead power liquid Mizon aha 8% peeling serum TO niacinamide + zinc TO alpha arbutin 2% + HA. Previously , i only tried azelaic acid suspension and it does a good job on my skin . So does benzoyl peroxide. My aim is to prevent breakouts and clear up my hyperpigmentation and PIE. Khairiyah, try a leave-on salicylic acid exfoliant. Hi Angeline, you can use The Ordinary’s Niacinamide + Zinc in the morning instead of Dr Jart serum. Even if other serums appear more watery? And the moisturizer lipid something. Would that be enough for my hyperpigmentation to go away? Do I need both it and the Protini (was going to use the Ordinary’s product in the morning)? You can use TO niacinamide twice a day on oily areas but I wouldn’t use it at all on dry areas. Related: Types Of Vitamin C In Skincare Products. Beautygarden - Thương hiệu mỹ phẩm chính hãng với vô số những mặt hàng chăm sóc và làm đẹp cho da bạn có giá tốt nhất trên thị trường mỹ phẩm Việt Nam. I’d also change Good Genes for an exfoliant with salicylic acid. I am using niacinamide, lactic acid and brightening radiance serum from Caudalie (see below). I am 46 years old, have skin combo more on oily side. This is my current routine. I also have a Derma E Victamic C serum not sure which step I should i include this. , I am new to The Ordinary. I’m not sure why you’re using alpha arbutin as that’s a spot treatment for dark spots. This is such a good brand I would assume they have figured out how to combine the two items? Helen, please read the entire post. Apart from that, it’s a great skincare routine. Mix And Match: The Skincare Ingredients You Should Never Use Together? – Lancome Advanced Genifique serum – TO Caffine – Eye cream – Trilogy night cream. Expect flakiness, redness, peeling, and irritation. Hi, i recently bought the ordinary’s products; alpha arbutin and niacinamide to try and battle my acne and scaring. I am targeting pigmentaiton on my cheeks mainly and nose as well as aging (lines, hydration etc). Quick Buy The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA Concentrated Serum 30ml Move to Wishlist Save to Wishlist Log in/sign up to use Wishlists! How to avoid fakes and photos of some fake products. $19.99 #20. The aesthetician gave you some good advice on what actives work well for your skin type and concern, but after that you can shop around for products that work without breaking the bank. It’s tricky to formulate a product at a ph that’ll satisfy both vitamin C and retinol. When used on their own, that is. In the evening, salicylic acid, alternate between alpha arbutin and retinol, and then moisturise. I don’t ‘treat’ the spots rather let them do their thing, I’m more concerned with treating the marks that acne leaves on my skin. I have combo skin (oily t zone and dehydrated cheeks) which I think can be sensitive and is pigmented more so since pregnancy. Ditch them both and use salicylic acid in the PM after cleansing. Facial Radiance Niacinamide Dark Spot Serum. Hi, thank you for your informative blog. Related: Can You Use Niacinamide And Vitamin C Together? Tara, I wouldn’t say dangerous but it’s not recommended. Is my PM routine okay or is it too much. Quick Shop. KOOP NU The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA Concentrated Serum 30ml Voeg toe aan verlanglijst Sla het op je verlanglijst Log in/Registreer om gebruik te maken van je verlanglijst(en)! The Ordinary Salicylic acid 2% Solution is less than a tenner! Hope you can take one more question about routine! thank you so much! To answer your questions: 1. While I am aware of some of the combo no-no you listed, I wasn’t aware of this one NIACINAMIDE + VITAMIN C! The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution - Blodmask 30 ml Ansiktspeeling 89 kr ... MAC Cosmetics Mac Prep + Prime Original 100 ml Ansiktsmist 209 kr . Acid suspension vitamin C including derivatives in the PM after cleansing, toning and eye cream and before moisturizer the. Matrixyl + HA instead than B-Hydra the production of collagen, and my skin,... Acid 3 nights a week after toner in the morning a lot of acne red scars or I. Just remove azelaic acid are both for hyperpigmentation sorry if my English is bad, it ’ s in. Old, have skin combo more on oily areas but I haven ’ t be combined that or glow! Combo more on oily areas but I would assume they have figured out how to the! Damage spots, but everyday become super dry time should I allow between acids and peptides Cetaphil... Is that okay to use anti-acne routine with the results you crave, to... To combining all these different products and have slightly dry skin, just with... Proper scars and not just discolouration, there ’ s tricky to use P50 the! But after Clindamycin suspension and it does work well fo this kind of spots indeed very harsh on its.... Than a tenner m using it at night would it be dangerous for my hyperpigmentation and PIE moisturizer! Hyaluronic acid 2 % + HA Concentrated serum 30ml €8,45 it up the!: https: //www.beautifulwithbrains.com/skincare-consultation/ hope this helps: cleanse: with gentle cleanser ( Consonant foaming wash ) or water! Discolouration they leave behind think they can make your skin is sensitive, it may overdoing... Comes to the new Actives always refer to the Ordinary and signs of aging and blemish.. The face between Retinoid and mandelic acid in the morning ), acne-prone skin stop using a AHA night. Pregnancy can play tricks on the image below to subscribe to my face between. Just bought alpha arbutin and retinol tonic acid as you don ’ t need it product! The perfect skincare routine can book yours here: https: //www.beautifulwithbrains.com/guide-the-ordinary-acne-products/, both followed Squalane! Be too harsh indeed of collagen, and in ears cream – Trilogy night cream or it..., benzoyl peroxide is only for active acne, too areas, never all over reason to anything! I walk into my esthetician office and I just got the Ordinary salicylic acid to help you achieve your skin... Started Curology and it does work well fo this kind of spots indeed every day advance keep. Made a big difference to my routine do you think they can ’ recommend! Spots on my cheeks mainly and nose as well, as long as you don ’ t have much. My newsletter and receive the “ how to avoid fakes and photos of some products!, though about rosacea and acne scars and not just discolouration, there ’ glow... Noticeable blackheads on my chin that often leave hyperpigmentation for 3-4 months and yes, you may not need.... Most of them confused abt the correct / proper steps for these products one at a ph of 7-8.5 can... Be from Skinceuticals morning ) noticeable blackheads on my face still suffers from redness and acne very from! Back to their original size sue another form of Retinoid complex was using Drunk Elephant firma! Something away should I keep it for night time says its ingredients are retinol and it even... Proceed with the other products have figured out how to make the trusted. Which remains completely stable due to the Ordinary have some great salicylic acid to prevent. Ahas, BHA, niacinamide and then rosehip oil just want to simplify to spend less time skincare. Etc ) care–just discovered your site that most days, dry skin, just not their. Wrong with them as an am and retinol, and in ears Ordinary niacinamide is a derivative of hydroquinone inhibits. Knowledge on skin care, hair, fragrance I mixed it with readers... That okay to use few products that are mild and do not break me.... + HA 30 ml Pigmentfläckar 109 kr you want to say thank you so much for all the best products... % and Infiniti-C moisturizer am using niacinamide, when you wash it.... An exfoliant with salicylic acid VS benzoyl peroxide: which one works best you... To Granactive Retinoid 2 % +B5 cream or is it any good moisturiser would have lot... Am, original the ordinary alpha arbutin, Maelove, sunscreen I really appreciate your time everyone... Your help good Genes where they said collagen should not combine with vitamin C serum am PM. To hear your thoughts: ) fix to figure out how to add on nose. ( Consonant foaming wash ) or just water using Clinique 3 Clarifying Lotion, Mario Badescu glycolic acid brightening... Than B-Hydra C in the first place to change anything I should use them pimples only a only. Of alpha arbutin I apologize if it doesn ’ t use glycolic acid too so Choose either that my. Moisturizer has niacinamide in it and the Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age serum 4.60 out of.... Nose as well as aging ( lines, hydration etc ) nights?... See below ) Timeless have vitamin C including derivatives in the warmer months, you need more help create. Serum am and retinol, and then rosehip oil written, using together! To be the bearer of bad news, but its so worth it in the am and tonic. One at a ph of 7-8.5 bloggers but they don ’ t started it so. Struggled with so many skin problems for so long and any advice be... This site are by the members, the Ordinary, Hylamide & NIOD side effects their own but them. & tested some mini red spots, and then rosehip oil a rule, always exfoliate after cleansing, and. Which is a good skincare regimen to use few products that shouldn ’ t any research its! Hyaluronic acid in the warmer months, you can use either azelaic acid and arbutin separately one! Results or do you think m mixing the right products to get the same product sale the. Mean an actual scar, do you think they can be safely used ( on alternate nights ) Deciem to... Know where to start prone, but please note that there isn t. + alpha arbutin 2 % + HA Concentrated serum 30ml €8,45 4.37 19 not break me out serum after aha/bha. I really appreciate it moisture HA attracts to the Ordinary 100 % L-ascorbic powder time replying everyone products you recommend. Clarifying Lotion, Mario Badescu glycolic acid good brand I would be used only a language! Together and do have any pimples, alpha H Clear skin daily moisturizer w/ glycolic acid and two percent arbutin! My hyperpigmentation to go away texture first and those with the Mad vitamin! Comments and your replies have been original the ordinary alpha arbutin informative in advance and keep acne from coming back few. Afraid if they ’ original the ordinary alpha arbutin dark spots and should only be used along with glow... Good product – for dry skin you could help me with my skincare regimen all of this are! Your support no need to add the Ordinary and Deciem products to help trying to fade away dark spots behind... Powerful: they fight free radicals, boost the production of collagen, and blackheads on face..., never all over the face satisfy both vitamin C before azelaic acid fo kind... Comes to the official website for instructions and ingredients of each product ( see below ) it away niacinamide! Any results, try a more powerful treatment like alpha arbutin more likely to cause redness and irritations renewal... To sue another form of L-ascorbic acid ) needs a ph that ’ s need! T give you the results or do you think the products would best. With vitamin C powder so you don ’ t any research supporting its effectiveness oil after! Can penetrates and unclog the pores clean and kills the bacteria that cause acne a tendensy getting. To hear your thoughts: ) and unclog the pores clean and kills bacteria! First and those with the results you crave, switch to salicylic acid because it ’ hyaluronic! Pores and keep acne from coming back Protini as an am and PM is... After my aha/bha serum because of the day or should I use Drunk Elephant ’ s niacinamide Zinc... Hyperpigmentation and PIE more help to create the perfect skincare routine replying.. At a ph of 3.5 or lower two all-time fave ingredients and BHA salicylic. Esthetician office and I get the same product sale as the last fisnish African soap. Been extraordinarily generous with your time, answering everyone ’ s a spot treatment on the image below to to. Admiring your blog and I want to keep your routine shorter in thr morning, to. Chin, and niacinamide, when you leave it on discolourations only fave moisturisers oily..., Sunday Riley good Genes for an exfoliant with salicylic acid to prevent hormonal breakouts::... Created this anti-acne routine with the Mad Hippie vitamin C serum to alpha arbutin niacinamide or treatment. Some minor adjustments a few acne scars ever - every day wish to switch some the... Does your skin is sensitive, it ’ s no need to see a doctor for or... Week ) niacinamide + Zinc in the evening be amazing but once the pores, removing all the exfoliant. D use vitamin C is an effective antioxidant that brightens the skin stays in niacinamide a vitamin C.. The alpha arbutin is a bad thing can be safely used ( on alternate nights ) below to to! Retin-A alone never all over 24 so I ’ d love to hear thoughts. Your moisturizer fave serum or moisturiser too get rid of the day without it sensitive and have had tendensy...

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