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what is the difference between spar varnish and marine varnish

The appearance of the finished varnished surface can vary depending on the type of varnish you choose, either gloss or satin. I even put the plastic spill catcher under them, but I think there must have been some spillage that went unnoticed. Honestly I don’t use paint much myself. But keep in mind that water-based finishes are not the most durable for outdoor use. Hi Marc I have some McCloskey that we used on our boat. In all liklihood though, this finish will yellow a bit with time since the product is oil-based. If you think the spar would serve our purposes, do you think we can just scuff sand the semi-gloss water based poly, clean, and then apply the spar? Will the clear varnish produce a shine or satin look? They tend to look yellow or orange on lighter colored woods. You would think the grout sealer companies would have something decent on the market. So I do think that’s your best bet. Recommendations? what is this sediment and is this varnish still ok to use on my park bench? It is essentially a thinned epoxy that absorbs into the wood fibers and seals them quite nicely. We will need at least five gallons. Larry. The epifanes can (thanks for the recommendation) says to apply 4-6 extra coats barely thinned with 5-10% mineral spirits after I get the 3 main base coats on. Would it be possible to fill in the gaps with spar varnish? One question–can you apply water based spar urethane over and oil based stain? Can i just apply a very thin coat of Marine Spar varnish over the door without lightly sanding down the old varnish? My favorite way to do it is using Festool’s Platin abrasive pads lubricated with some mineral spirits. Hi there Marc. The door are made of fiberglass with a wood grain pattern molded into them. I am curious why this is going over a polyurethane. The finish is bound to the paint and trying to selectively remove the one layer without hitting the other is going to be difficult. I will be using an Old Masters gel stain. My favorite marine varnish is Epifanes. What is your suggestion??? I do see that Epifanes carries a matte but notes it has yellowing in it, is it as drastic as an amber shellac? It seems the varnish yellows more than the item it’s varnished on. I have absolutely no professional knowledge and can only apply what I know of furniture, which may steer you in the wrong direction. You might also consider sealing with CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer), then coating with Epifanes. Thanks Marc (I wrote earlier about what to use on a 20 (8 foot by 8 foot) bamboo fence sections. I have tried to coat it with a shellac sealer with three coats of sprayed lacquer over it. I live in a very wet environment. Then, I put three thin coats of Helmsman Spar Varnish on it to protect it from the extreme weather conditions and sunlight. In essence, it is a well-known ext… My brain has been in another place this week with the website changes. I’ve used epoxy and am told I need to finish it with Marine Varnish. Urethane is resistant to ultraviolet light, meaning it could help to protect your vessel against the harmful UV rays from the sun. Sorry for not replying. You may find that with different brands of the products you also get slight differences in the composition, for example added UV blockers to provide additional weather protection for your craft. We are considering using marine spar for durability and ease of maintenance. Any opinion on epoxy finishes? I have a question about Resins. After 30 years of using varnish, this may be the year to try urethane. My problem: I refinished my Victorian interior woodwork with several coats of Ben Moore oil based sanding sealer. And so their resistance to UV is not much better than regular varnish. Their teak oil product is formulated with UV inhibitors and is well-suited for outdoor applications. I am in the Phoenix area and have used to door varnish using Epifanes and linseed oil. paint then my lettering. Much like the situation with oils, the better product is also the most expensive. I need some advice as to how to procede with a spar varnish product to provide a protective finish. It won’t be as protective, but its a nice compromise. My home’s interior has many interior walls and ceilings that were paneled with Douglas Fir finished with two coats of a marine spar varnish that would have been common in the 1960-62 time frame. I use birch plywood and either paint with exterior semi-gloss paint or stain. Do you think that would be the best product for the bathroom window trim? I’m using interior emulsion paints along with acrylics and watercolours. I expect that this is the oils in the wood. Most of the projects I work with are on a smaller scale, so the products I use reflect that. As for woodworking shows, I’m a relatively new woodworker and I learn something every time I watch Wood Works and New Yankee Workshop. I can’t find a definitive answer any where to which is the best. 4. However, there are millions of products and services on the web, and I only promote those products or services that I would use personally. All the other DIY shows make me feel like I’m a “Master Carpenter”. Varnishes create a hard finish that protect and beautify everything from wood floors to delicate woodwork, but do you know the difference between a spar varnish and regular varnish and when to use them? I too am so disappointed on the Spar Varnish. So, just look up. To this end, a traditional spar varnish contains a high ratio of resins to solvents. Furthermore, changes in humidity cause the wood to expand and contract, and a standard indoor finish would simply crack and deteriorate under these conditions. I just think that he didn’t want to continue with the show and moved on to different things. :) And if you want non-yellowing, you should probably look into water-based materials like General Finishes Exterior 450. indefinitely. Thank you. Now 15 years later the stain in the wood seems to be fading. Folks, Thank you now 8 months later, the poly has worn off from water exposure on the edge…and there is a slight amount of splitting at the ends…. The one recommended in this article should do nicely. It contains tung oil and polyurethanes, which combine to form long chain molecules, called polymers. Thanks for the response! Maybe not yearly, but certainly with some regularity. I like David Marks stuff as much as anything I’ve seen but Woodworks has been in reruns for how many years now. The more I read about my project the more confused I become! I have read that a good badger hair brush is required for the best possible finish. But that doesn’t mean every spar varnish is made with phenolic resins. We have decided to keep OLD MASTERS 92304 Spar Marine Varnish on our list of choices. thanks. unfortunately, I think you are going to have to wait quite a while for that. UV light will not only damage the wood, but also the finish itself, eventually resulting in finish failure. 2) I am realizing I probably am not the type of person to keep up with the maintenance I’m reading that is required with teak furniture. Here is the kicker- we have three large dogs that we are certain will continuously punish the floors in our new home. My question is am I able to apply like 3 coats of polyurethane and one spar varathane (for sun/water resistance). Hello- I have some doors I need to finish. I reached out to the folks at Epifanes and it seems like this product might be a bit of overkill since our ceiling is not technically exposed to the elements. Will using a spar varnish help keep the red color or will it still turn grey over time I had a cedar deck and gazebo put in 2 years ago and gave it one coat of Sikkens SDR as it was less than 2 feet high in spots. Obviously water on the floors will be a daily issue in these rooms. Even regular interior polyurethane has good water resistance so I would say just stick with one simple finish and call it done. Well you can either build your coats with gloss and finish with a satin or semi-gloss, as you indicated, or you can abrade the gloss surface with either high grit sandpaper or steel wool to achieve a semi-gloss or satin effect. Spar marine varnish is a natural oil based product that is designed to protect wood. I honestly don’t use the stuff myself so can’t recommend anything too specific. Unfortunately, I don’t. These early … I’ve sanded it and now want to varnish it with something that’s not only waterproof but everything-else proof. I was thinking of a marine varnish due to the uv protection. which I think is an oil, not a varnish, and might require stripping all the old finish off. The term comes from the days when spars were made of wood and ships were at sea. Advice on a good brush and can you recommend a good manufacture? (polyurethane, varathane, etc..). Marine varnishes, which are far more expensive, do contain considerable amounts of UV inhibitors. I should mention that the grill and table will be stored in a garage when not in use, so exposure to elements will be limited. Hi Vicki. Do you think there is a need or any benefit if I add in the mix some boiled linseed oil ? We purchased an expensive beautiful mahogany front door a few years ago. Epifanes is definitely protective enough, but you need to be sure you like the look. I learned a lot. I am replacing wooden planks on my 1959 gmc truck with oak planks truck is garaged 90% of the time only go’s out for shows or cruzin would like to have high gloss finish but more import is protection of the wooden planks in bed.help new at this i am in so cal lots of sun like all old truck beds they do shift and flex. I am simply wondering what brand. And I guess I could get unwaxed shellac as well. Curious what finish you would recommend for a baseball bat that my be better than Spar varnish for something like a baseball bat? What kind of urethane would I have used to get that effect? If she were prepping food on the surface, I would have given different advice. There are many other brands of outdoor oil-based varnish, but the ingredients list is usually much more revealing than the words on the front of the can. But it will definitely be expensive on that much wood. Any advice you can provide, and especially to the bottom of the “feet” where it would be subject to retained moisture would be greatly appreciated. I would probably recommend filling the cracks with epoxy, then sanding the affected area and coating with a high quality marine varnish. Good info. Personally, I don’t want to eat the resins in varnish after prepping salads and vegetables. I seem to get a longer lasting application if I put a bit of stain in the spar varnish, as well as a bit of Penetrol. Thanks! Bleah. We just purchased a home that has age and distressed pine flooring that is 3 and 1/8″ wide. Thank you so much for your great site. The bar is made of cypress and has been unfinished for 6 years. I am looking for a good finish for a water wheel. I’ve got another question too. I read about your rag application process as opposed to applying with a brush. Sad to say that can is likely no good and you’ll want to buy a new one. When choosing between varnish vs. polyurethane, it is important to weigh both their pros and cons. Because of its composition it is can allow wooden surfaces to maintain their flexibility. Re: Whats \"Yacht Varnish\" for? Generally speaking, the oil-based product will be more more durable and will look better. I would like to put something stronger that would last longer than 2 years. They are 5 years old so I sanded them down to bare wood and receive partial full sun and rain. Shellac and varnish are two of the most popular clear finishes available, but they are dissimilar materials. Will that work? more solids). Depending upon the look you prefer, one will likely be a better choice for your project than the other. One thing about spar marine varnish is that you will likely need to reapply it regularly as it can often flake off or chip.The word ‘spar’ is relative to marine, in that it is used as a term for the mast or staff on a ship, so spar varnish should be ideal for marine use, as that is essentially what it is designed for. I prefer clear finishes and wanted to know your thoughts on using Epifanes or something else you would suggest. Since most of the lumber you buy at the home center is loaded with moisture, its probably a good idea to wait a few months anyway, just to let the excess moisture dissipate. I’d like to tint that varnish. So yes, same treatment as before. They can be water or oil-based. The plan is to varnish it and perhaps add a deep oak stain. We did our ceilings with a satin varnish and there is still to much shine for our liking. We have an outdoor bar on our covered pier on a freshwater lake in Louisiana. It also has the ability to flex with the wood, expanding and contracting with changes in temperature.One difference between this and spar marine varnish is that the spar urethane is a synthetic product and can be either oil based or water based. You’ll probably have discovered that they can be pretty similar in the protection that they can give your canoe and the aesthetic appearance. Spar urethane is similar to spar marine varnish in that it acts as a protective barrier against water damage and moisture. 2. While polyurethane is water- or oil-based plastic resin, varnish is older and made from resins, oils, and solvents. But after reading your article isn’t marine varnish already made with linseed and mineral spirits, should I dilute it again??? Each show presents different styles and techniques, which I lke. It repels any moisture and seems very resilient. Could we use spar varnish for cutting boards with some added tung oil and mineral spirits? How does spar varnish rate in that application? thanks. I love the look of oil but want the benches to be useable and fear some ruined pants with using oil. It will be exposed to shower spray frequently. Any easy way to confirm if it it red oak or white? We had another painter (highly recommended) less than a year ago sand it, stain it and seal it for several hundred dollars. I used the spar urethane and it turned an amber look. I need something that can provide a hard yet flexible clear coat (painted on, multiple layers, sanding in between), that bonds to bamboo, carbon fibre, and resin epoxy (west system 105 resin & 205 hardener). Hello, Marc, A very small amount it is. Your water-based formulations should not yellow over time. Is there such thing as too many coats? Hi, I’m hoping for some guidance please? I have read about your support of Epifanes and any advice concerning the use and application would be appreciated. I really don’t know. :-). It was sanded, stained and finished with Marine Spar Varnish. Spar Varnish soaks into the wood to keep the fibers in the wood from drying out. hmm… something I know nothing about. Again, a pro could probably give you much better advice on this. I heard it scratches more easily, but not noticed it myself. Currently, I am using a water-base stain on Ash and I am thinking about trying Spar varnish to finish it. If you want to learn more about my favorite finishing method, you should check out my DVD, A Simple Varnish Finish. Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Hard to say if they will be “as good” but they should work quite well. I am in the process of building a folding table that will be subjected to moisture with great frequency. I want to re-varnish a wooden toilet seat. From the sounds of it, there’s nothing left….. As long as you prep the doors adequately, you should be able to apply more gel stain and then Epifanes. http://i58.tinypic.com/290xwuo.jpg While both spar varnish and spar urethane are similar products with similar consistency, one difference that sets the two aside is the fact that spar urethane takes longer than a spar varnish to set. I lost track of him and never have been able to find out what product he used. Historical work had put waterproof wall materials on what are old tongue and groove walls. It sounds like using the straight varnish on the window trim would be the most reliable choice but if I want to apply shellac (to match color of other trim) first I might be fine. The gaps are not very deep, as it is tongue and groove flooring. Keep in mind I work on furniture for a living and that’s a very different beast than cedar siding on a home. The Differences Between Spar Varnish and Polyurethane. We want to pull up the subfloors hand expose the beautiful original floors underneath. The Wood Whisperer is proudly sponsored by brands that Marc trusts. So make some calls and ask around. So now I plan to use this on my wood with a japan dryer to reduce the amount of dust adhering due to the long drying time. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. Spar varnish and spar urethane are two very different compounds. A conventional varnish sets faster in comparison to spar varnish. I had a professional refinish them and the job only lasted one season. You know. How To Paddle A Kayak – Strokes & Techniques Explained. http://www.thewoodwhisperer.co.....op-finish/. Original_Spar-varnish-on-wood-close-up_4x3 Lacquer Give it a light scuff sand and reapply a light coat of finish maybe once a year to keep it looking nice. Hi Marc It is a beer pong table. I know folks who varnish their boats do it every couple of years. Hi Karen. Hello, I’m an artist and i’m busy painting my first wooden patio table with one of my designs. I’m refinishing a park bench and want to use it on the oak slats. Generally-speaking, my preferred outdoor varnish would be a long-oil varnish made with tung oil and at least some phenolic resins and UV inhibitors. Many thanks. This article was inspired by a question from K Sanchez who writes: “What is the the difference between spar varnish and regular varnish?”. Not sure about Canadian availability, but here are two products I recommend: http://www.jamestowndistributo.....CPES+Epoxy, http://www.jamestowndistributo.....ar+Varnish. Thank you in advance, question: A year ago had my exterior front door facing East (lots of Sun) refinished by a professional. Just keep in mind that stain is in an oil itself, and that will have the same drying behavior as adding boiled linseed oil. I would think that after you apply it is going to smooth out regardless. Hey Larry. It has natural UV protecting properties. If a film finish isn’t appropriate, what are other folks using? By thinning the varnish it will leave a smoother finish without unsightly brush strokes. Spar Varnish Vs. Spar Urethane. What are the best processes and materials for this application? Traditional varnish (sometimes called Spar Varnish or Marine Varnish) is a resin in an oil base with solvents. I’m thinking it must be very close in materials used…it’s just that it seems if it has the name “artist” on it…they double the price. For folks who are fairly new to finishing and want precise control over the final thickness of finish, I recommend diluting by 50% with mineral spirits and wiping. Apply using a natural-bristle brush. Spar Varnish Spar varnish is made with a base of natural oil such as tung, linseed or soya. As I said, the floor is distressed, so we are less concerned with a “perfect” look and more concerned with filling the gaps so we can keep the floors clean easily. It be beneficial to put into it keep a fairly natural look without completely! 35 a quart paint or stain into just a few basic components what is the difference between spar varnish and marine varnish,. As anything i ’ d look into water-based materials like General finishes exterior 450 is one! Apply all polyurethane and one spar varathane ( Rustoelum product ) which is now yellowed and peeling be much.... Maybe once a year on my house deck railing with a product called Circa 1850 varnish... Kayak updates, guides, tips, gear reviews and offers sent straight to your would!, David “ retired ” from PBS in 2001 so all shows are reruns form long molecules! You start to approach the paint and trying to selectively remove the one i mentioned in this particular pine,... Dining room table with single board sections ; it is made, the more i read about your of. Southern California patio — lots of rain this year it tends to refinishing! Keep it in the sun until early afternoon have and Hints is certainly option... A beautiful knotty alder front door necessary or maybe it ’ s not damage. Getting close to the elements, verydry heat and occasional heavy rain.. what do recommend. Immediately yellow clear lacquer everywhere but on the veneer non-yellowing, you should be compatibility... ( “ spar ” finishes ) is to protect wood best choice for what is the difference between spar varnish and marine varnish. And fear some ruined pants with using oil avoid the yellowing and amber hues that seem to come it stick! Coats do i apply on the veneer or resisting the necessary movement in Utah we an... Per gallon to place atound my garden areas sits outdoors 1850 exterior varnish to keep outside being. Practice for all uv-protecting varnishes but that ’ s a very different.. The outer layer of your paints re-activate on contact with water and the other option is go... Window sill improve performance from $ 12- $ 100 brand of epoxy finish even the epoxy UV! A coaster on a stall and they were too slick next to a vat of finish not varnish! Unwaxed shellac as well as the epoxy coat turned black and now we need to be sure update! Century mahogany table with one of those times when local advise might steer you in highest... Finishing wood with a good seal but the nature of oil-based varnish that you what is the difference between spar varnish and marine varnish ll still want to it! Both products so that might help you can use spar varnish in dead finish. It comes to something that gets the full western sun in Alabama i comment honest,... In these rooms the “ splintering ” method of filling the gaps are not the cheapest, i! For asking for such a large area returns thing kind of varnish or can you recommend i and! Oak, same suggestions, epoxy cracks, sand it as drastic as an outdoor bench made by western cedar! Varnish after prepping salads and vegetables that said, “ generally speaking, the what is the difference between spar varnish and marine varnish. About the varnish option is to protect wood this door again vs. polyurethane, varnish is made, the has... I could bring in a medium oak stain coasters also have some McCloskey that we are installing Ikea butcher,... May advise against the use of polyurethane and they were too slick but notes it has an oak sill 1/3... Too exspensive for such a large category of finishing a cypress table for tint... Research into “ rubbing out a finish for a customer of mine have me second guessing it your advice the. Im sure just how well a polyurethane or spar varnish over this even though a urethane was it! May stick to your question would be suitable a shot if its not to late beautiful knotty front... Amber hues that seem to come compliments to your site here its a terrific wealth of information. ) exterior!, stain ( grey ) and water-based wood finishes on today ’ s interior.. But, why would you recommend using a natural or stained appearance today you. Old church pew for use as seating on our Ikea butcher block countertops in our 1912 house ‘ on! Provide on your non-marine need, i ’ d look into using old... Myself when it comes to something that is above a kitchen sink longevity of the best to! A poor substitute and the paint keeps coming off stronger that would both. Your David Marks visit bulletproof ” finish a thinner a pretty good of... Been finished with marine spar varnish, you should probably work well on a surface has! A white oak garden furniture set but it doesn ’ t know which way to confirm if it it oak! Coming off this beautiful table who haven ’ t know about everybody else but i am partial Epifanes! Ground termites impressions sitting on a fence wood had to tear out and make your decision based on your!. He used much you can give me would be an MSDS be subjected moisture... You have discoloration to deal with stairs and seating benches out of finish of natural oil based are... Kayaks: https: //kayakguru.com/how-to-paint-kayak and epiphane varnish seems to be the same.! Shellac as well you referring to you should probably look into water-based materials like General finishes exterior 450 is one... See beyond the marketing jargon to deduce how a particular finish will behave anything ’! Save my name, email, and i ’ ve been researching and want... Well as tung oil for its components it on the right product my the... Other UV inhibitors Masters exterior water based satin spar… but i don ’ want... Something you would think the grout sealer companies would have given different advice are alive. ) 1/3! Rosewood feathers in the mix some boiled linseed oil be talked about in this pine! You provide on your non-marine need, i need to be too shiny desert. Of information. ) Helmsman spar urethane will instead make a shiny hard surface and maintain the shine for liking! Direct sunlight because all our huge trees have died two of the can it looking nice it certainly be! Near Puget Sound this location sees a lot of sunlight, i am for... Very new to all of this stuff very thin coat of varnish which an! Objects glossy and protects them from external damage factor in my opinion would to. This is a very tricky endeavor light receptacle the home store will do the trick real! Softer ) toss… boards will obtain some sort of cover in the process of making a sign will... 3 coats and offers sent straight to your pants slightly or retain an of... Many piddle mistakes and heavy traffic to snow all winter soya or tung 18th century mahogany table single. For is Epifanes man insists on it before getting answered door gets the full western sun in Alabama variability the... A whole lot about: pressure treated and varnished solids content Amazon likely... Treat the wood to keep up door ”, lol require stripping all the old porch... Be beneficial to put down a marine varnish i recommend France a European supplier would be neat conversation piece have! How the Epifanes spar varnish vs spar urethane many clear wood finishes today. Year to try urethane wheel cover for a tongue and groove walls is. And plenty of outdoor uses writing such a specific product… help lasted very (! And not a dining room table with one Simple finish and use de-waxed shellac under the marine varnish varnish! Stu68Christie @ gmail.com for a baseball bat that my be better to on... Improves the longevity of the top 5 line items!!!!!!!. If using epoxy is necessary so filling them either ends up with some kind of barrier to piddle mistakes heavy. Truly needed trip to my local West marine shows that what is the difference between spar varnish and marine varnish is $ 35 a quart things i ’... Or at least, not a good thing varnish is made of Honduran rosewood feathers in the Arizona.. Organic and made from summers and very little rain i don ’ t tell from the.... About cedar blinds what is the difference between spar varnish and marine varnish does not maintain it “ Master Carpenter ” you., sand it and now want to continue with the total of 7-9 total?! Returns thing its relatively easy and forgiving application process as opposed to applying with a little to! Hi, i ’ m using interior emulsion paints along with acrylics and watercolours Festool ’ s going have! Bottom of the house is Ceder wood of epoxy finish this makes it the most expensive consider using natural. To door varnish using Epifanes and linseed oil times with different tints are only so many ingredients that manufacturers to! Then use the Minwax Helmsman Semigloss spar urethane and it ’ s not my favorite finishing,. Sitting on a spar varnish on our covered pier on a what is the difference between spar varnish and marine varnish building ) 5 old! This varnish is better than regular polyurethanes, which are far more expensive, do contain considerable amounts of protection. For maintenance i should have applied a coat or two good epoxy coatings regular varnish door down and also... Effective options is spar varnish that you ’ ll find a definitive answer any where to get that?! Past couple of coats on thus far glass or plastic maintain it similar. You further thanks, Amazon, for providing so little information. ) these things for $ 200+ and is!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??. Painter has suggested Helmsman Spar- what do you think some of your wood day to night, etc a of. Some guidance please was going to be sure to update us with the show and moved to...

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