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high density mango farming in pakistan

UHDP, in synergy with other sustainable agricultural techniques, can yield up to 200% more crop than the traditional method of cultivation. Introduction Mango is the most important fruit crop of India and comes next to banana, apple and oranges on the basis of global acreage and production. India contributes about 60% (9.5 million t) in the world mango production (15.7 million t). With the ease of modern farming technology, farmers can adopt plantation with high-density planting method and ultrahigh-density planting method. Welcome! High-Density Planting (HDP) in Guava Farming. Varieties appropriate for prime density planting More than two lakh mango trees have been planted under this new method in south Gujarat region. In UHDP mango plantation, the no. Ultra High Density plantation in Mango is possible with 3*2 Mts distance and 675 plants per acre. 400,000 per Acre. Pakistan is an importer of dry figs as the production is not sufficient to cater the needs of growing population. Ultra High Density Mango (UHD) planting complete! Total area under Figs in Pakistan is 162 ha with 741 tones of production (fresh fruit). In 2007-08, Pakistan imported dry figs 217 tones value Rs. 4.5 million. Ultra-high density plantation (UHDP) is a new age technology that is increasingly being used for mango plantation across the globe. We started our mango planting on Oct 11, 2011 and once again the sun god was cooperative enough to make the process fairly comfortable. Farming Professional Pakistan 23 connections. The objective is to harness the higher productivity potential of mango farms to benefit all stakeholders in the ecosystem. Jain Farm Fresh Foods Ltd (JFFFL) , a wholly owned subsidiary of Jain Irrigation Systems, is on a capacity building drive to make mango farming sweeter for over 3 … Introduction Mango (Mangifera indica) is the leading fruit crop of India and considered to be the king of fruits.Besides delicious taste, excellent flavour and attractive fragrance, it is rich in vitamin A&C. High Density Planting In Mango Ultra high density plantation farming technique has been developed by JISL with the help of its scientists and agronomists. your username. The ultra high-density mango cultivation is protected with bamboo as border crop/fence and it would also act as wind-breaker to minimise the impact in the event of heavy winds. The mango is the national fruit of India, Pakistan and the Philippines. Guava High Density Farming in Pakistan This video contains Best Practices of High Density Farming of Guava Fruit with minimum cost of 50,000 Per Acre and gaining Rs. The yield of mangoes in the high-density system goes up to 18 tonne per hectare compared to 6 tonne for traditional planting. Are there any disadvantages to it? Log into your account. High Density and Meadow Orcharding: There is a trend to plant fruit trees at closer spacing leading to high density or meadow orchard. The Project will encourage sustainable, modern agricultural practices and help double the mango yield, thereby increasing the income of farmers. Production, Import and Export. Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan being the primary source of imported fig. So, friends, growing mango tree is a good idea to start a new tree farming … With advance mango farming techniques, one can change mango farming into most profitable fruit trees to grow. But this year I am planting Mango orchard using Ultra High Density Mango Plantation (UHDP). Asad Amin Store Manager at Mango … Mango contributes 40% to national fruit production (22.168 million t) and occupies 42% of […] Just used the proper mango cultivation methods along with ultra-high density mango plantation in your mango farm. Mango trees need less water than other commercial fruit tree farming like banana farming. The Ultra High Density Plantation is a… Pakistan is an importer of dry figs as the production is not enough to cater the desires of rising inhabitants. High Density Guava Farming with Drip System. Tag: High Density Farming Mango Yields. Which spread slowly to Asia & become popular in very short time. Irrigation in Mango Farming . ... High Density Mango Project 2009 - 2011 2 years. • In Dashehari mango, the average yield in high density … Little about of Oranges: Mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata) is most common among citrus fruits grown in India.It occupies nearly 40% of the total area under citrus cultivation in India. ... “The alphonso variety is suited for high density planting, and it will make up for the low yields in the initial few years of bearing. Apart from this, mangoes are loaded with high vitamin A and vitamin C because of which, have the great market demand all the year around. In traditional farming about 70 trees are planted in one acre of land and the growth of tree is very big. Mr. Reddy-October 25, 2015 ... Introduction to Mango Farming. However, extra care is to be taken i.e, more inputs required, regular pruning, after 15-20 years one middle tree can be removed and till then get the benefit of yields. Project Unnati is a unique partnership with farmers to demonstrate and enable adoption of Ultra-High Density Plantation (UHDP) practice for mangoes. Higher and quality production is achieved from densely planted orchards through judicious canopy management and adoption of suitable tree training systems. • In mango, –Amrapali at 2.5x 2.5m in triangular system accommodation of 1600and – Dashehari at 3.0 X 2.5 m in square system -1333 plants per hectare, • Increase in yield per hectare was 2.5 times in Amrapali than that of the low density orchards of vigorous cultivar. Asad Amin. The Pakistan Mango Research Institute (MRI) has been planting mango trees at its research area, in line with the Ultra High Density Plantation process. It is also the national tree of Bangladesh. View mahmood’s full profile See who you know in common Get introduced Contact mahmood directly ... Lahore, Pakistan Lahore District. High Density Fig Plantation at fruit maturity. High Density Planting in Mango- Prospects and Problems N. Kumar* Vice Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore (India) 641003 Correspondence: kumarhort@yahoo.com Received Date: 10/05/2018; Accepted Date: 20/12/2018 Abstract High density planting (HDP) (5 x 5 m ) or ultra-high density planting (UHDP) system (3 x 2 m) aims to The secret to the short height of these mango trees is the ultrahigh-density farming method. High density farming has been adopted in countries like Israel, Australia and others. Model Profile for 1.0 ha Mango Cultivation 1. agrinfobank.com.pk is Pakistan leading agriculture website that provides quality information from seeds to harvesting of every crop to researchers, students, professionals and public around the globe. High density planting combined with drip and weekly fertigation techniques resulted in better input use efficiency and saving of 30-40% irrigation water and 25% fertilizers as compared to conventional method. Mango Farming Information Guide. A total of 10 acres was planted using this innovative cultivation technique promoted by Jain irrigation. However, in high-density planting, 1,600 trees of the new dwarf Amrapali variety can be planted. SURAT: Mango farmers of south Gujarat have started adopting new agricultural technology to cultivate high density mango orchards in the … Team Pakissan December 16, 2017, 11:34 am December 16, 2017 Comments Off on Mango farmers in India adopt ‘high density… The king of fruit; mango is delicious fruit having a wonderful flavor and charming fragrance. This resulted in increased production, productivity and fruit quality with reduction of cost of cultivation. Jain Irrigation has adopted ultra high-density technique for mango cultivation on a commercial scale in Tamil Nadu. HDP is helpful in obtaining high … With advance mango farming techniques, one can change mango farming into most profitable fruit trees to grow. Amin’s high-density farm was set up on an NHLP budget of 60,000 afghanis ($790). your password Farmers gain through increased yield, Jain Irrigation buys better quality produce and Coca-Cola can source this key ingredient locally for Maaza.. The practical demonstration of this project being done by a progressive farmer in Mian Channu(Punjab). The present study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of high density planting on Amrapali mango trees cultivated in sub-humid warm tropical climate in North-Eastern Indian state of Mizoram. I've read nothing but good (especially in productivity) about high density farming especially in mangoes. Mango farm should be irrigated at an interval of two to three days, in the first year of your mango farming business. In 2007-08, Pakistan imported dry figs 217 tones worth Rs. Adding to it, one can also go for ultra high-density mango plantation for more fruit production. The NHLP high-density farming program does not give participants funds, but instead supplies them with various plants, tree saplings, and supplies, such as pesticides, to start and upkeep their high-density … It should be 2 meters X 1 meter for planting with ultra-high density.

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